Sikh Activist Shaheed Deep Sidhu

Deep Sidhu is an Indian film actor, lawyer and an activist who recently became famous for his participation in the farmers protests. His advocacy for the creation of an independent Sikh nation called Khalistan, however, has crowned him as a controversial figure. Sidhu has been a vocal and prominent supporter of the demand for Khalistan from Punjab. This independence movement originated in the 1980s when the Akali Dal political party petitioned the Indian government to create an independent Sikh nation in the region. Sidhu believes in this struggle and has been vocal in his support of the Khalistan movement. According to him, Sikh political and cultural identity should be protected and fostered and constitute an emancipated and distinct Sikh nation, with its capital in Amritsar.  Deep Sidhu had founded the organization Waris Punjab De (WPD) in the hopes to further the political and religious interests of sikhs in the state of Punjab. It is FIRMLY BELIEVED that he was killed in a staged accident by the Indian state due to his role in Khalistan advocacy

Who is Shaheed Deep Sidhu?

Revolutionaries don't die on accident, This was an Indian state sponsored political assassination

Deep Sidhu is an Indian film actor and lawyer, as well as an advocate of religion and politics, who recently rose to fame for his involvement in the farmers protests. He has been at the forefront of the struggle for Khalistan, an independent nation for Sikhs in the region Punjab.

Sidhu has always been a prominent advocate for religious and political interests in Punjab. He is a devoted Sikh and is a vocal supporter of the demand for Khalistan from India. He believes that Sikhs strong political and cultural identity should be protected and fostered and constitute an emancipated and distinct Sikh nation, with its capital in Amritsar.

In 2020, Sidhu foundedWaris Punjab De‘, an organisation with the goal of promoting social cohesion amongst the youth by sparking political awareness and encouraging youthled initiatives. Waris Punjab De aims to bring together citizens and celebrate Punjabs heritage and culture, together with serving as a platform to channel young peoples aspirations in positive directions. To date, the organisation has held several ground activations in many cities, inspired different kinds of awareness campaigns, and brought together hundreds of talented people from all across the country, to be part of debates, discussions, and social activism campaigns.


Reviving and connecting with Punjabs culture has been mentioned by many as the most important way for youth to engage in the conversation aboutPunjabiyat or Punjabiness. Waris Punjab Des mission of cultural revival strives not to only bring this concept to life but also inject a strong sense of national pride and belonging amongst the youth. Sidhu himself has promoted the organisation on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. He believes that although many outside Punjab are unfamiliar with Punjabs past and traditions, individually, Punjabs citizens are very much aware of their history and cultural richness.

In summary, Deep Sidhu is a vocal advocate of the demand for Khalistan in India. Through his organisation Waris Punjab De, he seeks to raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. However, his political actions have caused some controversy. Nevertheless, he continues to champion Sikh political and religious interests in the state of Punjab.

Analyzing development of 'Waris Punjab De'

After the staged political assassination of Shaheed Deep Sidhu, Bhai Amritpal Singh became the head of the organization ‘Waris Punjab De’

Bhai Amritpal Singh Khalsa is an Sikh human rights activist and an advocate for the secession of Khalistan, an independent homeland for Sikhs in the region of Punjab. He is an advocate for Sikhi, an honorable religion of courage, strength and justice, and is involved in numerous campaigns related to Sikh political and religious interests.

Bhai Amritpal’s advocacy on behalf of minorities in the region of Punjab has been influential in promoting Sikh political and religious rights. He has strongly voiced his concerns that the Indian government is not protecting the constitutional rights of Sikhs, and he is willing to bear great risks to bring attention to their plight. His core belief is that the regional government should be accountable to the people, and should take much fuller responsibility in protecting the constitutional rights of Sikh minorities

Bhai Amritpal has contributed to movements like the ‘Waris Punjab De’ originally created by Shaheed Deep Sidhu, in which he has formed a wide variety of strategies to bring an end to human rights violations and oppression in the state of Punjab.

He has organized and held rallies, marches and sit-ins in addition to leading boycotts of the regional government’s policies. The rallies, marches and boycott have drawn a lot of attention to the Sikh struggle for justice and fundamental rights. In addition to this, Bhai Amritpal has been a driving force for the Khalistan referendum which was proposed in 2020. The referendum proposed that the citizens of Punjab will be allowed to decide whether or not to form an independent Khalistan state. The referendum was a response to the accusations that the Indian central government has been marginalizing the people of Punjab by not providing equal rights and access to services.

Bhai Amritpal has consistently used his platform to call out the unjust treatment of Sikhs in India and the continuous rights abuses. He is an advocate of a stronger and more unified Sikh nation within India and has actively protested against the governments oppressive policies in the region. He believes in bringing together the community with peaceful protesting and open dialogue to stand up for justice and fundamental rights. His advocacy has gained a lot of respect and admiration both in India and around the world, and he has become an important voice in the struggle for Khalistan.