Sikh Activist Jagmeet Singh Arrested

Unfortunately, the demand of freedom and justice of Sikhs has been met with resistance and persecution from Indian authorities. This is exemplified in the case of Jagmeet Singh, a 28yearold Sikh activist who became popular during the farmers agitation for not moving in the face of Haryana polices water cannons in November 2020. Following his growing fame, Singh and his mother were arrested on obscure charges of sedition for allegedly campaigning for the Sikhs for Justices referendum 2020 and asking people to vote for the cause of Khalistan. After eight months of detainment, Jasvir Kaur, Jagmeet Singhs mother, was finally released on bail as charges against her remain unproven.

The demands of the Sikhs for justice, safety, and equality are urgent and can no longer be ignored. The case for Khalistan is one that calls for a society not rooted in violence and hatred, one where members of the Sikh community can freely exercise their rights and be respected as vital members of society. It is only through the creation of an independent Sikh nation of Khalistan that this can be achieved.


Sikh charged for pro Khalistan advocacy

Police in Patiala have recently arrested 28yearold Jagmeet Singh, his mother Jasvir Kaur (50), and his friend Ravinder Singh (23) after they were found to be campaigning for the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ)Khalistan Referendum 2020 an online vote for the formation of an independent Sikh nation. Jagmeet Singh had become popular during the farmers agitation for not moving in the face of Haryana polices water cannons. It is alleged that the accused had been motivating people to vote for the referendum and to raise awareness on the cause of Khalistan.

The police also claimed that the accused had campaighned in Rajpura during a gathering to honour the martyrdom of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Gujri. An estimated 692 forms, pamphlets, plastic plates, spray bottles, pens, and other material used for campaigning the vote were seized by police. Jasvir‘s brotherinlaw, identified as Manjit Singh, is reportedly an area commander in the Babbar Khalsa organisation, while her husband, Kuldip Singh, is said to have held the post of superintendent at Changigarh Transprot Undertaking.

The three accused have been booked under several sections of the Indian Penal Code and are currently in custody. The police have also mentioned that they are examining the bank accounts of all of them to check if the accused were receiving foreign funding for the referendum. The Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh committee has stated that it will take serious note of the accusations if Jagmeet has indeed been punished for supporting the farmers agitation.

After eight months of detainment, 50-year-old Jasvir Kaur has been released on bail. Jasvir Kaur is the mother of 28-year-old Jagmeet singh, who had become a symbol of resistance during the farmers protest movement in india. In 2021, the two were arrested and charged with sedition for allegedly being involved with the Sikhs for Justice Khalistan Referendum. The indian authorities have yet to prove these charges, and Jasvir Kaur’s release on bail is a source of hope to many who are striving for justice


Viral video of accused