Free Punjab

Today we have a situation that has been unfortunately seen by our fathers, mothers and grandparents many times in the 80’s and 90’s. However, this is the first time our generation has seen such despicable acts by the Indian government to stop the revival of the Sikh freedom movement and the discussion of Khalistan, the exploitation of our land, and Punjab’s drug epidemic. This is your time to speak up click below for a letter you can send to your local Member Of Parliaments. Getting thier attention is a key factor on bringing this issue to the international stage.


Illegal Arrest of Bhai Amritpal, Associates & Sikh youth

What is happening in Punjab?

We are writing this today to help shed light and expose the atrocities that are the unfolding events in Punjab. An internet shutdown was implemented with what seemed like ready documents with fill In the blanks for time and date allocations, allowing almost anyone with authority to ready these documents to grant a shutdown. Along with the shutdown of the internet many influential Sikh Panthic pages on instagram were banned in the region of India, likely to silence and suppress the reaction and outrage for the unlawful arrest of Bhai Amritpal Singh and his associates/supporters. As well, section 144 was imposed and a strict instruction was given that anyone gathered with more than 4 people were to be arrested. Paramilitary forces were deployed and a stay at home order was addressed to Bhai Amritpal Singh’s home.

Associates of Bhai amritpal Singh were arrested, reported 112 but we have heard reports as high as 600 people being arrested. Among those arrested were Sikh youth that had recently attended Bhai Amritpal’s vachaars and those that had chosen to follow in Bhai Amritpal’s words by attaching themselves to Sikhi through his Amrit Sanchars. The police have not yet released a statement saying that have amritpal in custody, though there were eye witness accounts of his arrest.

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Why is this the current situation?​

The reason for this planned attack on Bhai Amritpal Singh and his supporters is a simple attempt to stop and silence the voice that is resinating in the Sikhs. Bhai Amritpal Singh in the last year has gained huge popularity through his work in Punjab addressing the drug epidemic, harassment of Sikhs (sacrilege), and attaching the youth of Punjab back to Sikhi through his Vachaars and Amrit Sanchars (Khalsa Vaheer). Bhai Amritpal Khalsa is the leader of the youth, his voice resinates within the people of Punjab and all Sikhs across the world. The Indian state recognizes the extreme threat he poses to their agenda. After being interviewed on the national stage, the Indian government realized that he is intellectually sound and cannot be misguided or and his words cannot be contradicted by even the states top interviewers and journalists. Like an old dog with no new tricks, they call paramilitary forces along with an internet shutdown and what seems like a plan for a fake encounter. The Indian state media and police have said they are on the hunt for Bhai Amritpal Singh who doesn’t have a current known location. They emphasize that his location is unknown and there is a manhunt allowing the Punjab police as they are so notoriously known toehold Bhai Amritpal Singh at an undisclosed location where he is likely to be tortured or killed in an fake encounter.

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This is a test the Indian government has placed on us to see how much noise is made not only in Punjab but in the international community. IF WE CANT ACT WHEN OUR LEADER IS TAKEN THEN WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ACT. There are meetings taking place at your local gurdwaras to discuss and inform the sangat about the unfolding situation and the next steps. The biggest weapon we have is our phones, it gives us access to millions of people and allows us to spread information accurately and quickly a key difference of now and then, 1984. We as a community need to come together as a community and all do our part of seva that is needed. There are many protests that are being organized from all across Canada and internationally. I strongly urge you all to please stay connected with your local gurdwaras to get more information about where, why, and when they are trying to get organized.

Current Updates

Punjab high court sets 15th September 2023 for rescheduled hearing in NSA cases of Papalpreet Singh, Basant Singh, Bhagwant Singh, Gurmeet Singh Bukkanwala, Gurinder Singh Aujla, Kulwant Singh Rauke, and Daljit Singh Kalsi

The date has been adjourned to October 3rd, the lawyer of the Indian state was on leave and he applied for an advance date a day prior to the hearing.

On October 3rd 7 cases of NSA were heard in Chandigarh High Court. In which for the second time the Central Government Advocate Additional Solicitor General of India “Satya Pal Jain” asked for more time and applied to advance the date.

Due to which the judge has now fixed the date of 5 October 2023.

Bibi Balvir Kaur(from Patiala) and Bibi Baljeet Kaur( from shahbaad Haryana) on whom there were allegations of providing shelter to Bhai Amritpal Singh and Papalpreet Singh have been granted bail by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High, Court Chandigarh.